Friday Roundup!


Hey all, here is your afternoon diet of links to get you to the weekend!

Sebastian’s Picks:

  • The New Yorker — a searing essay by Jelani Cobb on “respectability politics,” race, culture, politics and our history.
  • The New Yorker — Malcolm Gladwell calls out our generation for the rise of “hashtag activism.”
  • Slate — Dahlia Lithwick highlights how civil rights are being railroaded in Ferguson

Jeremy’s Picks:

  • Reason: Poll suggests that most Americans believe that letting children play alone at parks should be illegal. No word on whether they should be able to play in the cul-de-sac
  • The Progressive Cynic — two thirds of Americans live in a “Constitution Free Zone,” since a federal judge ruled that any American living within 100 miles of a border may be subject to search of their electronic devices.
  • Las Vegas Review Journal — Penn and Teller claim, “We are both Libertarians.” We already knew this about Penn Jillette, but now the rabbit is out of the hat with his famously silent partner. I’m sure he will be a strong voice for the cause. Yes, I included this link just to make that joke.