Coverage This Week: Iraq, ISIS and Our Foreign Policy


Last Wednesday, President Obama became the fourth US leader in a row to order air strikes against targets in Iraq. That Obama — recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Price, 2008 anti-war candidate, and elected largely on his promise to end foreign wars — was the one ordering strikes made the moment more extraordinary.

The strikes, planned for Iraq and neighboring Syria, which has been wracked by civil war for over 3 years, are meant to “degrade and destroy” the capabilities of ISIS (or ISIL or IS), a terrorist group that now controls large swaths of territory. The air campaign will be coupled with more intense training and equipment for moderate elements of the Syrian opposition, the Iraqi military, and Kurdish militias. The president has conceded that our commitment to this strategy could outlast his administration.

This week at Unfettered Equality, we will be exploring the ramifications of the president’s policy, the origins of the latest crisis in the Middle East, and the subject of American foreign policy more broadly. We welcome your thoughts, comments and contributions as well.