Farewell for Now! Sarah Galvez Takes Hiatus to Work on Clinton Campaign

Well hello, Unfettered Equality readers. Do you remember me? My name is Sarah Galvez and I am a contributor to this amazing blog. You probably have a hard time remembering me because I haven’t produced a ton of content on the site recently (read: at all ). While I haven’t written many articles, most of the work I’ve contributed has really been behind the scenes. I contributed to brainstorms thinking about cool concepts for social media, how to use the news cycle to determine what my more writing-savvy peeps should be pushing out, and added some general nonsense on GroupMe with the team. While you may not have read any new posts from me lately, I’ve at least had a hand in the site in some way.

That is, until now. I’m writing to announce my hiatus from Unfettered Equality for the next year and three months…exactly. “Why such an exact date,” you might ask? That puts us at Nov. 8, 2016, Election Day in the United States — or, in my head, “Hillary Victory Day”. I’m going to help make Hillary Clinton’s victory a reality. I was offered the opportunity to make a difference on the historic campaign to elect Hillary Clinton our next president. It is the perfect fit for me: a job focused on growing digital audiences for a candidate I truly believe in. I couldn’t say no. No matter what you believe or who you support, you have to admit that seeing someone attain one of their goals is pretty dang awesome, and I hope you understand why I am taking a step back from the blog.

So with that, I leave you in the incredibly capable hands of the rest of the UE team. They’ve been nothing but supportive, and have acted as long distance online cheerleaders when I was freaking out. I send lots of love to them and a promise that the GroupMe nonsense will continue from the trail. To our loyal readers and casual consumers, I’ll catch you all in a year and change and of coursehillary