Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Part II: Healthcare Choice Architecture


By Brian Chiglinsky It was the greatest scientific advance involving jelly in the pre-Uncrustable era. In 2000, students at Columbia University’s Business School and Stanford’s Psychology Department published a paper testing people’s commitment… Continue reading

Part I: Libertarian Paternalism and Nudges


By Brian Chiglinsky   J.J. Abrams aside, none of us is perfect.** As a wealth of psychological research shows, we’re not always the best at making decisions. Even Michael Jordan thought baseball was… Continue reading

Beasts of No Nation and the Loss of Innocence


“When this war is over, I am thinking I cannot go back to doing childish things.” Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation opens with Agu, a young boy, and his friends running around… Continue reading