Yeezy 2020?


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If Kayne West runs for president in 2020*, can he count on your vote?

Before you answer, what if I tell you the alternative is Ted Cruz?

Consider this counterfactual. President Hillary Clinton has decided not to run for reelection after leading the nation into another disastrous Middle East intervention. The economy is entering recession due to a recent financial crisis in China and dampening American job growth. Congressional Republicans, emboldened by the President’s weakness, have blocked Clinton’s entire legislative program – angering many in the Democratic base, whose demands went unanswered.

Vice President Elizabeth Warren is running, but her association with Clinton taints her, as it does nearly the entire Democratic establishment. A series of presidential also-rans enter the race, but rising stars skip what they see as a doomed cycle. Yet the field is crowded – fifteen Democrats in total.

Kanye West entered the race in August 2019. He lambasted the corporate elites who control the economy and media and highlighted recent instances of police brutality. He said Democrats and Republicans were the same, and that he was sick of “white people ruining things.” He promised to end the war and government surveillance of US citizens’ personal information.

The media covered Kanye’s campaign 24/7, debating whether he was an anti-white racist and rehashing past comments on George Bush and Taylor Swift. West also espoused conspiracy theories about the government deliberately spreading AIDS in the black community and suggested that we should continue to investigate the role of the Bush and Saudi royal families in 9/11.

But after a series of antiwar campaign rallies featuring popular celebrities and musical acts, where a more humane and compassionate West electrified tens of thousands of voters, the tenor of the race changed. The fourteen other candidates fractured the establishment, none able to gain the support necessary to challenge Yeezus. Many of the Democratic voters who joined the party as members of the Sanders revolution flocked to West as a new avatar of change. A Chicago native, West rated surprisingly strong in Iowa polls throughout the fall.

Then, he shocked the Democratic establishment by winning the Iowa caucuses in January on the basis of superior organizing, a brilliant social media strategy, and strong assists from national progressive organizations and Hollywood. Kanye stumbled in New Hampshire after his altercation with a journalist who spoke on the phone during “New Slaves” at a Nashua campaign rally. But he won a resounding victory in the South Carolina primary on his strength with black voters. And West is running ahead of Warren, his nearest competitor, by double digits in the next five states.

Senator Ted Cruz has already wrapped up the Republican nomination. He led the opposition in the Senate during Clinton’s presidency, vindicated by Trump’s crushing 2016 loss. He easily won Iowa, as he had in 2016, and sealed the deal in New Hampshire.

Cruz, previously known for his polarizing orthodoxy and personality, has developed into something of an elder statesman of the fractured Republican Party. Over the past four years, he’s moderated his foreign policy positions in response to growing isolationist sentiment across the political spectrum. The tanking economy has dulled the importance of “culture war” issues like transgender rights and abortion, allowing Cruz to hold on to his evangelical base without alienating independents. And twelve years of Democratic rule have left many Americans hungry for change and convinced the country is going in the wrong direction.

Reelected to the Senate in 2018, Ted Cruz previously served as Solicitor General for the state of Texas. he is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School and served in appointed positions during George W. Bush’s administration. If elected, Cruz would be the first Hispanic American to serve as President of the United States.

Kanye West is Kanye West.

Would you vote for Kanye West?

After all, Kanye is a pro-choice Democrat who supported President Obama. If elected, he would surround himself with sensible advisors who would continue to advance Democratic social and economic policies. In addition, his strong pacifist stance could lead to both reevaluation of our illogical policies overseas and the use of force here at home.

And you could count on Kanye to appoint a sensible liberal or center-left judge to the Supreme Court, and not some right-wing fire-breather like Ted Cruz would.

And you aren’t even sure Ted Cruz was born in this country.

Would you vote for Kanye?


*Disclaimer: CNN declared open season on the 2020 presidential election in May, so this article is not too early.