“A society that sustains both individual and social freedom must be undergirded by institutions that are themselves liberatory. It must provide the structural means by which citizens can collectively manage their own affairs. The true question, then, is not whether a free society will have institutions, but what kind.” — Janet Biehl

Unfettered Equality is a blog that offers Millennial perspectives on politics, pop culture, and current events. Its editorial mission is to cultivate and explore the growing overlap in libertarian and progressive politics as an antidote to our broken political system.

We should ask ourselves why critiques of institutions often fall along partisan lines; liberals condemn corporations but defend government, and conservatives do the opposite. The truth of the matter is that many of our institutions — both public and private — fail to serve us well or promote our interests. The partisan debate around the size and proper scope of government does not capture this reality.

We hope this blog serves a few purposes. First, we want to encourage debate that moves beyond false “left vs. right” and “government vs. market” dichotomies. Second, we want to focus on power — its distribution, use and abuse — and the role institutions play in preserving or dismantling power structures. Third, we want to articulate a libertarianism that is concerned with individual well-being as well as individual freedom, and a progressivism that seeks solutions in people, not government.

Finally, we’re smart enough to know that we don’t know much of anything, in the grand scheme of things. A part of the reason we’re doing this is to learn more from others and to share the ideas that we come across. We’re here to ask questions, not provide answers.

Happy reading!

— The Team