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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Changing Journalism For The Better


Satirical news isn’t a new platform – from SNL’s Weekend Update to The Onion, making fun of current events is a time-old tradition. News plays an important role in American culture, so it… Continue reading

Dystopian Film Snowpiercer Mirrors Real Life Class Disparities


There’s been a growing trend in cinema of underclass discontent with elite oligarchies. Many of these films are dystopian, futuristic, and post-apocalyptic. The most well known franchise in the genre is The Hunger… Continue reading

What the Television We Watch Can Tell Us About Our Politics: West Wing versus House of Cards


In 1999, NBC premiered Aaron Sorkin’s new series The West Wing, a television show that follows the life of fictional President Josiah Bartlet and his staff. It was two years before 9/11, and… Continue reading