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Privilege and Outrage: Why I Care About Ferguson


Originally posted on Leora Falk:
This is 2014. Photo: Associated Press On the one hand, this should be the shortest post ever: “Because I am human and American,  I care about human rights, our…

My Red-Hot Race Moment (Or, “Why South Asians Must, Too, Care About Ferguson”)


This essay is a repost from Common Grind, an amazing blog written by Anupam Chakravarty. It is presented here as a part of our series on police brutality and race. There’s an awkward… Continue reading

I’m a Libertarian Who Supports Obamacare — Here’s Why.


As a libertarian, I’m pretty big on limits to government power and highly supportive of freedom and personal privacy. However, I’m also reasonable when it comes to  laws and policies necessary for the… Continue reading