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Chat Corner: Thoughts on Netflix’s “Hot Girls Wanted” and Sex Work


Sebastian, Angie, and Sarah discuss pornography, prostitution, and the new Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted, about the amateur porn industry. The conversation is edited and compiled. *** SEBASTIAN: Chris Hedges on prostitution: “If… Continue reading

Review: Tricked Reminds Us of the Evils of Prostitution and Human Sex Trafficking in the United States


Tricked: The Documentary, is a 2013 film about the horrors of prostitution and human sex trafficking. It includes interviews of former prostitutes, pimps, johns, and law enforcement who work in vice departments all… Continue reading

This Valentine’s Day: Show your Love, No Chains Attached


Editor’s Note: This is an article that originally ran in the Kennedy School Review. Caitlin Ryan is a Master of Public Policy candidate at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She previously worked as a management consultant… Continue reading